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Those girls never gave me an explanation for why they were bullying me. One of the words they called me was fat. At that age you think, ‘oh, so I don’t have friends because I’m fat.”

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@ddlovato: Learn from the past and share your experience with others. Cherish the present and look forward to the future.

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Let It Be (Glee Cast Version)

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Imagine Nick Jonas making a speech as President:

"Bless. Thank you all so much. I’m so blessed. I would like to thank my blessed parents. Bless you all. God Bless America. America is now blessed. Share your blessing. Bless each other. Bless yo’ wife. Bless yo’ kids. We are now all blessed."

*someone in the crowd sneezes*

"Bless you"

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Kevin Jonas year by year » 2005

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happy 21st birthday Nick Jonas

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